Host your WordPress website with Loyalty Forge

We provide you with an isolated, security-hardened installation of WordPress and we take care of all the updates and the backups!

Nightly backups retained for one month, weekly backups retained for two months.

Core, Plugin, and Theme updates performed at least weekly.

Free DNS hosting and management.

Run on PCI-compliant servers.

Free migration from your current provider.

Pricing from $35/month.

What makes us better?

We take into account the WordPress security track-record

Every client site is isolated in a separate container so it cannot interfere with another client's site.  Updates are performed at least weekly, and the environment is hardened to only allow minimal permissions for plugins.

Blazing fast hardware

Our servers run on the latest Ryzen 5900x CPUs with NVME storage.  Servers are located in Montreal and New York for speedy access from Ontario locations and full geographic redundancy.

Automated backups

Every night, our Montreal-based webservers back up the sites they're hosting and ship them off to backup storage in Los Angeles.  Those backups are retained for the current and previous month.  Backups from the month prior to that are trimmed down to just Sundays.

Free Testing Sites

Want to try something risky with your design?  We'll make a copy of your live site for you to test on.  Later, if you like, we can push that site into production.

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