Hyper-Local Communication Company

We are your personal (and personable) telecom provider.

We support small and micro businesses with solutions typically only available to the corporate giants.


Business Telephone

We're plucky enough to take on the big three!

Our phone lines offer better pricing and more features than you'll find anywhere else.

Loyalty/Rewards App

Launch your very own app in order to drive more business from your already satisfied customers.

Loyalty rewards are the incentive for your customers to download and interact.

Web Hosting

Our WordPress platform is security-hardened and managed by our tech team on your behalf.  We keep on top of updates, backups, speed optimization, and monitoring so you don't have to.


Still the best way to do business, our Email suite just works and keeps practically all of the spam from clogging your inbox.  Rely on us to host email on your domain and get your messages where they're going.

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