Premium Email Hosting for Your Domain

Doing email right is a thankless and complicated task, but it's critical for every business.  Let us take that complexity off your shoulders.

Pricing from $100 per year.

Compatible with all modern Email clients on desktop and mobile.

Powerful webmail for access on-the-go.


Host Your Email with Loyalty Forge

Best in Class Delivery

Modern anti-spam systems can generate a ton of false positives, causing your messages to be lost in spam folders or worse.  Our mix of outbound routes gives your messages the best possible chance of making it to their destination.

Modern Email Authentication

We take care of setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC so you don't have to worry about the nuts and bolts of proving to the world that you are who you say you are.

Powerful Anti-SPAM

We don't want your inboxes filling up with junk.  Our anti-spam systems keep most of the junk out.  You can even tweak how aggressive you want it to be, customizing it based on your own business needs.

Competitive Rates

Packages start at $100 per year for 10GB and unlimited accounts.  Larger packages are available if you need more storage, or expect to be sending email at high rates.

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