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In your dashboard under Automation, you can configure a number of offers to go out on autopilot. These can be some of your most valuable tools.

Sent Upon Enrollment

Use this to welcome new customers. You can use this to offer a bonus or just to send a description of how your rewards program will work.

Sent After Earning N Lifetime Points

This can be used either to celebrate milestones or it can trigger on the first point to drive a second visit.

Example: On the first point earned, take 10% off a specific product or category within the next 7 days.

Sent Every Nth Visit

Use this to reward regular customers. If you offer a small time-limited bonus every small number of visits, your regular customers will make a point to come back.

Example: Earn double reward points on a single purchase expiring in 7 days every 3-5 visits.

Customer Hasn’t Visited in N Days

Entice your at-risk customers to come back with an extra bonus if you haven’t seen them for a while!

Example: Percentage discount if no visit in 30 days. Expires in 7 days.

Birthday Reward

Everybody loves a birthday present. You’ll also get the opportunity to wish people a happy birthday when they’re in your store, making them feel special.

Example: Free drink (send a week before birthday to be used within 7 days).

Sent N Days After Purchase from Category C

Use this to bring customers back when their products are about to expire or run out.

Example: 23 days after purchase of a month’s supply of a supplement.

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