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When you first hit that “NEW MESSAGE” button, it looks like there’s a lot to do, but there are really just four things. You’ll do all your editing on the left, while the right side shows you what your customer will see.

  1. Pick the image that you uploaded to your media library.
  2. The title shows prominently in the app, by SMS, and by email.
  3. Short body is a small amount of text that will be sent by SMS since that delivery method is limited in size.
  4. The main body which will show in the app and in email. You can edit this with a graphical editor that will let you insert links, lists, headers, and format in bold or italic.

In the body, there are some special phrases you can type such as %%FIRSTNAME%% that will be changed by the app to customer-specific text.

Now you’re ready to either send your message or add it to an automation.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s all filled out:

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