VoIP Feature Additions: January 2022

In January, 2022 we added two new call features and we made a big improvement to robocall mitigation. Here’s what’s new:

#700 Call Parking

In the past, to park a call, you have transferred the call to extension 700. The phone system then tells you what parking spot the call is parked in and the person taking that call places an outbound call to that parking spot. While that will continue to work, there’s a new, simpler way!

While speaking with someone, simply dial #700. There’s no need to place the person you are speaking with on hold or press any transfer buttons. The person will not even hear you dial the digits.

This will immediately place the person on hold and then into the parking lot. The system will then speak the extension of the parking spot the person was placed in. After that, the person taking over the call will place an outbound call to that parking spot as normal.

*77 Call Answer

Sometimes a call comes in just as you hang up, or maybe you hang up so you can answer a call that you hear ringing on another line. When you hang up, your handset doesn’t start ringing because it has already told the phone system “no, I’m busy, I can’t handle that call.”

Now when a call is ringing on a different extension, you can place an outbound call to *77 in order to answer that call from your handset that isn’t ringing!

Once you dial *77, you will hear a recorded “Hello” and you will be connected to the calling party. If, after you hear “Hello”, you then hear a busy signal, that means the calling party is no longer there. Either they hung up or another person answered the call on a different extension.

Improved Robocall Mitigation

Ever since we launched our telephone service, we’ve had best-in-class robocall mitigation. I’m sure you noticed when you switched to Loyalty Forge that scam calls all but stopped as we’ve been able to deny obviously-forged calls from outside of Canada ever since June 30th. As of December, 2021, we’re taking it a step further. We now are keeping a list of Canadian telcos who sign their calls (nearly all of them!) and if an unsigned call comes in claiming to be from one of those telcos, we can drop that obviously-forged call too. Instead of a several-times-daily occurrence, receiving a robocall scam on the Loyalty Forge phone system is a noteworthy occurrence!

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