Loyalty Creates Loyalty

Our goal is to help you become your customers' favorite!  We can help you demonstrate your loyalty and it will be reciprocated.

Everyone Benefits from Loyalty

No matter who your customers are, we can work with you to create a custom marketing program.


Bike shops and other service-oriented businesses can interact with customers during the lifecycle of their products.

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Boutiques and specialty stores can generate excitement for new arrivals and private sales.

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Restaurants, breweries, and other social gathering sites can communicate events, live entertainment, and other activities that attract visitors.

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A Full Suite of Products

We offer a number of digital products that can help you with marketing, analysis, communication, and more.


Dedicated to Your Business

Loyalty Forge is a small business, too, which means no red tape standing in the way of responding to your needs.  Expect the same loyalty from us that you offer to and receive from your customers!


I've wanted for us to have our own app for years in order to more directly engage our loyal customers.  With Loyalty Forge, we can send reminders to people when their bikes or skis might need service.  That keeps them coming back.

Jan Roubal

Jan Roubal

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We'll sit down with you and help you design a loyalty strategy that fits your needs.

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