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Loyalty Forge Configuration for Fax


Loyalty Forge prefers the GrandStream HT812 for fax support. If you purchased your devices from us, then we have configured your GrandStream HT812 device to perform analog to digital conversion for Fax on telephone port #1.  Please plug your fax machine into that port (marked D).

Please Connect:

  • A: Connect the power adapter.
  • B: Ethernet OUT – connect to fax machine if fax machine was previously connected to Ethernet.
  • C: Ethernet IN – connect to wall or to an Ethernet switch.
  • D: Fax out – Connect to Fax machine.

Configure Your Fax Machine

Loyalty Forge supports ECM (Error Correction Mode) for fax.  Unlike some VoIP providers, you do not need to disable this if your fax machine supports it.  In fact, we recommend you keep it active for best quality.

Fax transmission on our network works best when set to a baud rate of 14400bps.  On Brother fax machines, this is the “Normal” setting under Compatibility.  Other brands will vary how this is selected.  Lower baud rates should also work if your fax machine does not have a setting for 14400bps.


Once your devices are connected, you can send a one-page fax to 500.  This special test number will receive your fax, and after a short delay (up to 10 minutes), will send a return fax.  This will confirm that transmission works in both directions.

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