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Hosted SMS allows Telnyx to send and receive SMS messages on behalf of a phone number that would not normally be able to do so such as your business phone line. Most small businesses should use this feature to send SMS messages in Loyalty Forge as it lets you interact with your customers using a phone number that they are familiar with and may even have saved in their contacts list.

In order to set up Hosted SMS, you will need two documents.

  1. A completed LOA form in PDF format.
  2. A recent copy of your phone bill in PDF format.

Completing the LOA Form

Telnyx has a sample form and has published a helpful tutorial that walks you through filling out the LOA form.

Uploading Documents

Once you have both documents in PDF form, you can create a new Hosted SMS order. Open the Telnyx Portal and click Messaging, Hosted SMS, Add new order.

  1. Enter the phone number to be ported in international format.
  2. Select the Messaging Profile that you created in the previous article.
  3. Click “Create Order”
  1. Click in each of the upload boxes and upload the corresponding form.
  2. Click “Submit” and you’re done!
  3. Telnyx will now initiate the porting request which can take up to 48 business hours. If the order is not complete after several days, please reach out to Telnyx support and provide them with the Order ID you see on this screen.
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