Telnyx: Step 3 – Finding Credentials

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Once you have created a messaging profile and assigned a phone number to it, you can look up the three keys that Loyalty Forge will need in order to send SMS messages with Telnyx. Please copy these keys and email them to Do not provide these keys to anyone other than Loyalty Forge as they will allow someone to send SMS messages as though they were you.


Simply click on “API Keys” in the left of your Telnyx portal. If you do not yet have a key, you can create one in the upper right. Once you have a key, ensure the status is active. The key is quite long and will not be completely visible. Use the copy icon to the right of it to copy the key to your clipboard so you can paste it in an email.


Public Key

Also in the API Keys section is your Public Key. This is used to verify incoming messages and responses from Telnyx. Click “Public Key” at the top and copy with the green button to the right of your key.

Public Key

Messaging Profile ID

Profile ID

For the final key, we’ll need to return to your Messaging Profile configuration. Click Messaging on the left and then click on the Messaging Profile that you configured earlier. On this screen, you’ll copy your Profile ID.

Profile Info

Please paste all three pieces of information into an email to and we can take it from there.

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