Designing a Rewards Program

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Earning Points

The Loyalty Forge rewards system lets you define any rewards program you like. Your customers can earn rewards based on anything that your point of sale system reports. Some examples are:

  • Earn points per drink (Coffee shop, brewpub, etc.)
  • Earn points per nights stayed (Hotels, B&Bs)
  • Earn points per dollar spent (Works anywhere!)


It is possible to adjust the points earning based on memberships. Some examples are:

  • You can sell a brewery “mug club” membership
  • Give extra points to members of a service organization that your business supports

Redeeming Points

At this stage, you will determine how many points should be redeemed for what rewards. Typically rewards will be for a free product (a free coffee, pint, or night’s stay) or for discounts on a purchase. When designing these reward levels, consider the percentage of the original purchase that you’re giving back. Per-product rewards tend to be 8-10% (every 10th or 12th purchase) while per-dollar rewards tend to be 2-5%.

Getting Rolling

Once you’ve decided how you want to structure your rewards, contact to set it up.

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