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If your business uses Helcim to process transactions, we can use their API to process credit card sales and returns directly in the Loyalty Forge app. Setup is all on one screen and just takes a few minutes.

Create API Credentials

Start by signing into your Helcim portal. Navigate to Integrations and API Access on the left. Use the blue button to create a new API access token.

Give your API token a name and make sure it’s active.

Enable all transaction types for this API key and turn on Self-Transactions Only.

Assign the transactions to one of your terminals. For a small business, you may only have one terminal, this is what you will want to use.

Restrict the API access to only the types of objects that it needs. This API key will view and modify, but not delete customers, invoices, and transactions.

When finished, hit “Save” and provide the generated token to Loyalty Forge by emailing to support@loyaltyforge.com. Guard this token as it will allow anyone with it to process credit card transactions as though they were you.

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